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Protective PTFE Tubing
  • Thin Wall Construction
  • Extruded PTFE Rated to 260°C (500°F)
  • Color Coded for Easy Identification
  • Available in Pre-Spooled 25 ft. and 100 ft. Lengths for Immediate Delivery
  • Non-Flammable

PTFE tubing offers superior abrasion protection and is excellent in insulating wires in moist or corrosive environments where temperatures do not exceed 500°F (260°C). All colors and gages are in stock in pre-spooled lengths for immediate delivery.

Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene tubing is not to be used with barbed fittings due to its tendency to form stress cracks. Use compression-type fittings instead.


Specific Gravity: .921
Tensile Strength, psi: 1600 Hardness: 50 Shore D
Elongation at Break, %: 500
Brittle Temperature: -60°C (–76°F)
Maximum Operating Temperature: 60°C (140°F)

Multi-Colored Ribbon Polyurethane Tubing
  • Faster Installation of Multiple Lines
  • Eliminate Need for Additional Jacketing
  • Color Code Identification
  • All the Qualities of Polyurethane Tubing
  • Kink and Abrasion Resistant
  • Resistant to Chemicals, Water, Fuel, Oil and Fungus
  • Outstanding Flexibility and Memory
  • Temperature Range -40 to 73°C (-40 to 165°F)
  • Vacuum Rating to 28″ Hg

Multi-Color ribbon polyurethane tubing is a bonded ribbon of polyurethane tubing. The bonded tubing offers quicker installation and eliminates the need for additional handling to install spiral wrapping, channels or other bundling materials. The multi-color coded tubing provides quick identification of process lines for tracing and trouble shooting.


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