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We intend to be a profitable, vibrant, growing organisation with possessed character of high ethical standard, responsive to the diverse needs of Customers, Employees and the Community in which it exists.



Design and fabricating for:

  • Industrial and Commercial Electrical Heaters
  • All type of Thermocouples & RTD Thermosensors
  • Control Panel
  • Industrial Oven

Omron, Teflon, Golink Supplier and Distributor in Malaysia

At SH Heating, we take pleasure in being the electrical heater specialists and one-stop solution and the services we offer, which include the design and construction of electrical heaters for industrial and commercial usage. We are happy to have been acknowledged as the leading Omron supplier in Malaysia and Teflon supplier in Malaysia.

We provide a comprehensive selection of Omron products as an authorised Omron supplier in Malaysia, including temperature controllers, digital timers and counters, and temperature and humidity sensors. Because of its fast speed, excellent performance, simple settings, and easy-to-read displays, Omron devices may be employed in a wide range of sectors. Furthermore, as a Teflon supplier in Malaysia, we endeavour to fulfil all of our clients' demands by offering the highest quality items, such as Teflon-coated heaters that may be custom-built to a certain watt density based on their intended function.

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