Bi-Metal Dual Thermometer

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What are thermocouple sensors?
A thermocouple in Malaysia is a sensor that measures temperature. It is made up of two metals joined together at one end. When the two metals’
junction is heated or cooled, a voltage is produced that can be related to the temperature.

How many types of thermocouple sensors are there?
There are a total of 9 types of thermocouple sensors in Malaysia. Types of thermocouples include Type J, Type K, Type N, Type T, Type E, Type R, Type S, Type B, and Type C. A thermocouple sensor in Malaysia comprises a welded ‘hot’ junction between two dissimilar metals, typically wires, and a reference junction at the other end.

What is the best thermocouple type?
Type T is the most accurate thermocouple sensor in Malaysia and has excellent corrosion resistance. It has a temperature range of 370°C and works well with wet gases and moisture. Cryogenic applications also make use of it.