Ring and Band heaters

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Ring and Band heaters

Ring and band heaters are used where there is a need for indirect heating or constant heating of a fluid in a container or tank, liquid plastic in extruders, in injection machines and also when drying glue in fixtures and molds.

>> Type of heating

Contact heating

>> Dimension

As agreed with customer

>> Fields of application

Extruders, Containers, Tanks, Moulds, Tools, etc

>> Connection

Connection box
Nickel wire
Heater Cable
2 Pin Socket
Ceramic Connector
Screw Terminal

>> Design

Ceramics with casing of plate
Micanite with casing of plate
According customer specification

>> Others

Max surface load: 8 W/cm² (at max 300°C)
Max operating temperature 500°C
(at max 4,5W/cm²)

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