Screw-In Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are used as heat sourse in domestic water heaters, dish washers, industrial baths, oil radiators and towel dryers among others.

The immersion heaters are build with tubular elements with flanges, nipples or plugs soldered or welded onto them. The immersion heater can be fitted with thermostat, temperature limiter and connection box. There are also thermostats and temperature limiters for mounting inside the tubular element.



Voltage: 3P 415V Ac
Mounting Thread: 2″ BSP
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Tube Dia: 12mm

Model Watt Immersion Length
SIHA-S3P415VX6KW-270 6KW 270MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX9KW-300 9KW 300MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX9KW-380 9KW 380MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX6KW-400 6KW 400MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX12KW-500 12KW 500MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX4.5KW-620 4.5KW 620MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX12KW-620 12KW 620MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX15KW-620 15KW 620MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX18KW-740 18KW 740MMUL
SIHA-S3P415VX21KW-860 21KW 860MMUL