Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heaters Cartridge heaters can to specific areas give very high power and are used mainly for tool heating. Thanks to the design the heat is quickly distributed over the whole envelope surface of the element and the elements fulfil high demands of impact resistance and vibration security >> Type of heating Tools with hole [...]

Ring and Band heaters

Ring and Band heaters Ring and band heaters are used where there is a need for indirect heating or constant heating of a fluid in a container or tank, liquid plastic in extruders, in injection machines and also when drying glue in fixtures and molds. >> Type of heating Contact heating >> Dimension As agreed [...]

Screw-In immersion heaters

Screw-In immersion heaters Immersion heaters are used as heat sourse in domestic water heaters, dish washers, industrial baths, oil radiators and towel dryers among others. The immersion heaters are build with tubular elements with flanges, nipples or plugs soldered or welded onto them. The immersion heater can be fitted with thermostat, temperature limiter and connection [...]